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IMMUFLORA – Size : 30 sachets

NewLife™ ImmuFlora is produced using breakthrough technology where the strains are able to withstand stomach acid and emerge intact in the intestines.

ImmuFlora supplies live friendly bacteria that could help re-establishing healthy intestinal micro-flora and keeping harmful bacteria in check. This unique propriety probiotics and prebiotic blend helps to support healthy gastrointestinal tract and optimum immune function.

When taken regularly, ImmuFlora can:-

  • Re-establish intestinal micro-flora to ensure that the friendly bacteria outweigh the bad bacteria
  • Maintain a hostile intestinal environment to prevent over-growth of pathogenic bacteria and parasites
  • Give immune system a boost
  • Stimulate self-repair and self-rejuvenation of the body cells
  • Improve nutrients assimilation and absorption
  • Cleanse and detoxify the intestinal tract

A sachet of Immuflora contains:-

  • 10 billion Bifidobacterium longum,
  • 1 billion Lactobacillus acidophilus and
  • 200g Fructo-Oligosaccharides (FOS)

Scientific trials revealed amazing health benefits

  • Research showed that a symbiotic combination of Bifidobacterium longum and prebiotic was associated with decreasing colonic lesions1.
  • Critically ill patients in intensive care unit showed a greater enhancement in immune system, with evidence of increasing systemic concentrations of immunoglobulin (Ig) A and IgG after administration of viable probiotic supplements2.
  • Prebiotic such as inulin and oligofructose have been claimed to be able to relieve constipation, suppress diarrhea, reduce risk of osteoporosis by enhancing the bioavailability of calcium, reduce risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease associated with dyslipidemia and insulin resistance, obesity and type 2 diabetes3.
  • Supplementation of probiotic has demonstrated decreased duration of rotavirus-induced diarrhea in children below 2 years old. Probiotic intake was also accompanied by decreased duration of fever and alleviation of other related symptoms4

The 21st Century Challenge

Diet, stress and medication can encourage the growth of bad bacteria in the intestinal tract. When the number of bad bacteria outweighs the good, it predisposes you to various health concerns and you’ll feel it such as bloating, indigestion, irregular bowel movement, occasional diarrhoea, Candida infection and poor immune system.

The therapeutic potential of friendly bacteria (probiotic) is dependent upon their survival during manufacturing, storage and upon consumption. Could you guarantee that the probiotic you consume from fresh yoghurt or any yoghurt drink remains viable during their passage through your intestinal tract? The stomach acidity and pH of the small intestine may jeopardize these bacteria strains. Hence, the prerequisites for potentially valuable probiotic supplement are to be viable and remain metabolically active within the gastrointestinal tract.

Who will benefit from ImmuFlora?

ImmuFlora is highly recommended for everyone, of all ages, including young children, adults, elderly, as well as sick individuals who want an extra boost to their immune system.


I was suffering from severe diarrhoea. I went twice to see the doctor but the medications did not help at all. I went to see a Chinese physician; his medicine helped me temporarily and the stomach problem came back. On the 5th day, my friend Mr Lim asked me to take 2 sachets of ImmuFlora and to my surprise, ImmuFlora saved me from prolonged diarrhea. An hour after taking it, I passed out some black stuff, but after that, the diarrhoea stopped completely.

~ Mr Hee Siaw Sin, Kedah, Malaysia ~

One day, while my son was in college, he had food poisoning accompanied by vomiting and diarrhoea. He did not know what to do; he was very weak, so he came home. He rang me while I was working and told me what had happened. I asked my mother to give him 3 sachets of ImmuFlora immediately and advised him to drink spirulina the following hour. After he had done this, he felt better. I advised him to take another 3 sachets of ImmuFlora to make sure the diarrhoea stopped. He experienced no further symptoms after that.

~ Ms Tan Phaik Sim, Selangor, Malaysia ~



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