Herbal Klenz Powder (USA)

  • Herbal Klenz Powder (USA)
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HERBAL KLENZ POWDER – Size : 342.72gm

Herbal Klenz Powder combines both ancient and current methods of natural internal cleansing.

Nature's Gift Herbal Klenz is safe, effective, and simple to follow as a daily routine. It will help to remove the gluey layers covering the villi of the small intestines, thus enhancing the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It eases bowel movements, relieves constipation, and provides daily internal cleansing. It removes accumulated encrustations that clog up the colon.


  • Psyllium husks
  • apple pectin
  • Butcher’s broom
  • Bentonite,


Scientific trials revealed amazing health benefits

In Netherlands, cancer deaths were threefold lower in individuals with high fiber intakes compared to those with low fiber intake1.

High fiber consumption promotes weight loss by slowing gastric emptying, giving the sense of satiety to prevent overeating2.

Sustained apple pectin intake improved glucose homeostasis and glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetes patients3.

Recent study showed that intake of 3g of psyllium husk thrice daily increased HDL cholesterol level by 6.24% in 3 months4.


  • Mix 1 heaped teaspoon of Herbal Klenz Powder into a glass of water, juice or pure raw honey and apple cider vinegar cocktail.
  • Drink immediately on an empty stomach
  • Take 2 times daily, in the morning and at night.

The 21st Century Challenge

Lately, it was estimated that the primary underlying cause of poor health and diseases is toxin-loaded and sluggish colon. A weak and sluggish colon may slow down elimination of the harmful toxins, wastes, heavy metals and stubborn encrustations that clog it, hence creating all sorts of health-compromising effects.

The solution: NewLife™ Herbal Klenz

Colon cleansing and regular bowel movements are essential for a healthy colon. NewLife™ Herbal Klenz solves your colon woes by removing the gluey layers covering the villi of the small intestines, thus enhancing digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is safe, effective and simple to follow as a daily routine internal cleansing to ensure smooth bowel movement. Herbal Klenz contains a unique formulation of beneficial ingredients such as:

  • Psyllium Husks

    One of the world most used herbs universally recognized as a premier dietary fiber. It is bulk forming to clean the colon.

  • Apple pectin

          Equipped with the ability to eliminate heavy-metal toxicity from the intestinal tract.

  • Butcher’s broom

          Long framed as a folk medicine, used for years in Europe for relieving constipation, kidney stones, urinary tract infections and various           GI problems.

  • Bentonite USP Grade

          Nature’s age-old aid to intestinal detoxification, with the ability to absorb toxins, pathogenic viruses, bacteria and parasites in the                   intestinal tract and eliminate them from the body.

  • Cellulose

          Improves peristaltic movement of the colon and decreases the absorption of intestinal toxins.

Who will benefit from Herbal Klenz?

Generally, Herbal Klenz benefits everybody and is particularly important for:

  • People who are constipated People who opt for a healthy bowel
  • People who want to shed off extra pounds
  • People with elevated blood glucose level
  • People with elevated cholesterol level


My cholesterol level was 260. I used to smoke a lot, drink a lot of coffee, had skin problems and suffered from constipation and insomnia at night, but I was extremely sleepy after meals. After taking Herbal Klenz Powder twice, I was shocked at what passed out – unusual stool mixed with dark down and blood-like substances. These, I learned later from my upline, are mucous encrustations from the colon. Since then, I do not feel hungry or tire easily; instead, I feel better and lighter. Herbal Klenz Powder improved my bowel movements, my skin, and my power of concentration. I also feel fit now because I sleep well at night.

~ Mr Tjeng Fen Lie, Bandung, Indonesia ~


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