Are You A Victim of Your Own Toxic GI (Gastro-Intestinal)?

Do you suffer from fatigue, allergies, acne, contipation, diarrhoea, bloating,disgestive problems, hair loss, headaches, bad breath, insomnia, poor memory, low resistance to infections, skin problems, weight problems, or hormonal imbalance?

If these symptoms sound familiar, you may be a victim of your own toxic and dirty GI (Gastrointestinal tract), a common source of autointoxication and malnutrition.

Autointoxication occurs when your body fails to eliminate wastes timely and effectively. Tremendous amounts of partially digested food, metabolic wastes, and faecal matter may be trapped inside your intestinal tract, breeding harmful bacteria and poisoning you day by day!

Malnutrition occurs when gluey, starchy material lines the intestunal wall, affecting the digestion and absorption of nutrients. These toxic wastes that line the intestines are a product of a low fibre diet of refined or processed food.


The human gastrointestinal tract, which starts at the mouth and ends at the anus, is approximately 25-35 feet long and has many  functions that contribute to our overall well-being. After the food is ingested, a rhythmic muscle contraction called peristalsis pushes the food through the oesophagus to the stomach and through the intestines. There in the gastrointestinal tract it is aidified, liquefied, neutralized, and broken down into uable particles. The nutrients are then absorbed through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream and assimilated into the cells where they can be used for energy, growth and repair.

The waste products are eliminated through the large intestine, lymphatic system, kidneys, and skin, When any part of the GI does not work. individual cells gradually lose their ability to function properly.


Constipation or infrequent bowel movement, ca be more accurately defined as an extended transition time of toxic wastes. The longer you take to move your bowels after a meal, the longer the faeces or toxic wastes sitin your digestive tract, puytrfying and fermenting. Because our colon absorbs fluid effectively, toxins excreted by acumulated faeces can be reabsotbed through the bowel wall and into the bloodstream. The vlood then circulates these toxins to every part of the body and deposits yhem in body tissue. Accumulation of toxins over the years causes alterations in cellular function, which results in organ malfunction.

The modern day diet consists of refined foods, hormone and antibiotic filled meats and poultries, hydrogenated  fats, sugar, chemicals, and preservatives which are constantly passing throughour digestive tracts, assaulting the body and particularly the colon. Our digestive systems are not designed to handle these foods and substances. For instance, consumption of white flour products, which contain very little or no fibre, forms a sticky, glue-like paste that sticks in layers and layers along the insides of the intestines.

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