Juicing For Vibrant Health

Juice and Live

Living nutrients like organic minerals, vitamins, enzymes and fibre are best and most abundantly found in fruits and vegetables. The National Cancer Institute in the US has in rev=cent years also been recommending minimum 5 servings of vegetables and fruits daily. However, most people find it difficult to achieve. In fact studie shown that ONLY 25% of the population gets the minimum 5 servings a day. Thus, jucing fruits and vegetables becomes very important to ensure that your body is receiving an adequate supply of the phyto-nutrients.

Why Juice?

Dosen't the body need fibre?
Isn't it better to eat fruits or vegetables whole instead of juicing them?
The answers are affirmative to both. But we are not advocating that you juice all your fruits and vegetables. What we do recommend is that drink fresh juices regularly, on top of your intake of other fruits and vegetables. There are many good reasons for that:-

Juice is LIVE food
We often prepare our food in the wrong way because cooking destroys most nutrients and enzymes. But not everyone finds raw vegetables palatable. Hence juicing becomes a good solution to intro=di=uce LIVE food into your diet.

Easy Digestion & Assimilation
Solid foods require hours of digestion before nutrients can be made available to the cells. Further, most adults do not have perfect digestive systems. The sicker a person is, the more likely it is that his digestive ystem cannot properly digest and assimilate. Juicing helps to 'pre-digest'the fruits and vegetables so that they are readily digested and assimilated, with very little effort on the digestive system. Juices are assimilated within 15 minutes of consumption to feed the starving cells & tissues.

Dr. H.E. Krischener, M.D. noted in his book Life Food Juices, ".....The power to breakdown the cellular structure of raw vegetablesm, and assimilate the precious elements they contain, even in the healthiest individual is only fractional - not more than 35%, and in the less healthy down to 1%. In the form of juice, these same individuals assimilate up to 92% of these nutrients....."

Super Nutrients Booster
Years of poor food choices have deproved most of us of nutrients, In order to buld strong and healthy bodies, we need to pump in lots of nutrients. However, our daily intake of fruits and vegetables have a limit. THerefore, juicing is a way to boost the supply and correct the deficiency.

For Cleansing and Repairing of Liver, Kidnesys, Intestinal Tracts & Other Vital Organs
The healing properties of juices are wekk documented in any books and literatures. For example, Dr. Norman Walker's Fresh Vegetables & Fruit Juices, describes how papaya juice has helped correcr intestinal disorder.

Also, carrot has the richest source of beta-carotene, which is an effective antioxidant to protect our body from free radical damage and premature aging. Carrot juice causes the liver to release bile and excessive accumulated cholesterol and toxins. Cleansing of the liver may cause the effect of a slight yellowish colour on the skin due to the large amount of waste matter being released. This diacolouration is harmless. Carrot juice also has an alkalizing effect on the blood, soothing the entire nervous system while toning the intestinal walls.

For Building Blood
Blood is the life stream of the body, affecting every cell and system, we possess. For the complex operation of the body, the blood requires a constant source of nutrients.

Millions of people suffer from iron deficiency (anaemic) without knowing it. If you still feel tired despite having enough sleep, you may have a form anaemia. Anaemia saps your energy by depriving your cells of oxygen. This happens when your blood has too few red blood cells or too little haemoglobin to transport oxygen through the bloodstream. Green leafy vegetables juice is tremendously beneficial in fighting anaemia because it is extremely rich in iron and other minerals, and very high in chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is a substance exclusively in plants and has a structure similar to human haemoglobin. During the 1940s, researchers found that consuming chlorophyll enhances the body's ability to produce haemoglobin, thus improving the efficiency of oxygen transport.



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